Newest Release (Roll The Dice)

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    • Hi JG!!!:-). Good to hear from you. Thank so much for liking the site.Yes, I did a concert with Chris De Burgh in Bangkok some years ago. At one point they had a video for sale. I might be able to find it and post some of it (fingers crossed). Take care my friend.:-)

  1. Enjoying your music, loving the sound ! i have a music group on FB “Jazz is What Jazz is” . hit me up to become a member and i’ll ok it. then you can post your music on there anytime you want. New , old, whatever ! Love your playing Bro !!! Keep on doing your thing !!

    • Thanks so much Eric.:-). I’m trying to bring out what is really in my heart to write. Not always accepted but it’s always true to my interpretation of what I want to say musically. Many thanks again Eric.:-)

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