About BOP City

BOP City Productions LTD.

The BOP in BOP City Productions stands for Best Options Possible.

Our mission is to provide top quality audio/musical production for the customer.
We will do this by producing audio in many different genre’ to enhance
the message of the customer’s visual/audio production(s).

BOP City Productions is a music production company based in Thailand.
The company’s location is at 645/6 Moo Baan Pi Boon. It was first located in
Durham, North Carolina (USA) and functioned as a privately owned home recording studio.

Due to the demand of music composition and arranging in Asia, BOP City has become more diverse in the audio/film industry. It now functions as a music and sound design company for advertising agencies,
film production houses, educational facilities and corporate businesses.

Our Customers

Toyota (Thailand), Head And Shoulders (Thailand), ESSO (Thailand), Tourist Authority of Thailand
Tiger Beer (Vietnam), Head And Shoulders (India), Zed Tires (Bombay), Sil Jelly (India),
Suzuki (Vietnam), Virgin Air (Thailand)
Our Services

Music composition
-This music is composed just for the video and or advertisement only. It does not come from a purchased library (pre-recorded music on CD). The music is unique to the customer.

Scoring (Writing) Music For Film Documentaries

Sound Design
-This service provides special audio effects for video, websites, videos and commercials.
Voice Over
-The voice of a speaker for commercials (narrator), websites etc.

The staff at BOP City Productions has a vast amount of experience in the audio industry from music arranging to stage production and performance. We have experience in composition of music in
many different styles. This translates to up-to-date communication with all targeted audiences.

Because the audio/music industry is schedule based for their releases; this
fits quite well with the busy, tightly scheduled demands of the advertising industry.

Video Editing

3D Animation of logos, intros for your website

The bottom line is we understand our customer’s needs and we for fulfill them…

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